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MapsPeople is a renowned provider in indoor wayfinding. MapsPeople’s wayfinding platform, MapsIndoors, is built on Google Maps and offers a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor navigation. The familiarity of Google Maps enables the user to maintain a consistent experience navigating from their doorstep to inside a venue.

The MapsIndoors Content Management System (CMS) interfaces with most indoor positioning devices, such as WIFI, Bluetooth beacons or positioning based on the Earth’s magnetic field. The CMS enables users to manage and utilise their location information services, such as push notifications, to notify the user of important updates or offers available within a certain proximity and improve the overall user experience. MapsPeople has built the CMS to integrate with existing mobile and desktop devices or serve as a stand alone platform.

Liveli is a partner of MapsPeople and can offer licensing and support to help utilise the indoor wayfinding platform. 

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Wayfinding using the MapsIndoor CMS can be built to service several industries including corporate offices, retail, sporting stadiums, airports and universities.


Large shopping malls with numerous stores can appear confusing and disorienting, making them difficult for visitors to navigate. Traditional physical signage can lead to frustration and wasted time, highlighting a need for an alternative and digital solution. With indoor mapping and wayfinding, you leave the difficulties of navigating maze-like malls behind.

By offering your visitors indoor wayfinding, you enhance their shopping experience and provide them with an efficient and stress-free way to find their desired stores or amenities.

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Room booking, desk availability, parking availability, lighting and climate control. These are just some of the popular IoT integrations of today’s connected office.

With MapsIndoors you can integrate important information into a map of your spaces, providing employees with all the information they need in one visual experience.

In 2021, companies will need an office space that is not only smart, but is able to cope with instant changes to maintain a productive and safe work environment. Download the free MapsPeople eBook "How to adapt your office to the new normal" to learn more. 

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Fans want to get to their seats as quickly as possible for kickoff. Customers can now stay in the Google Maps environment from their doorstep to their seat. The MapsIndoors platform offers insights into how fans move around the stadium which can be used to make informed decisions about where food and drink vendors and merchandise stalls are located. Customers can use the indoor map to find the closest stalls and navigate the nearest point of entry and exit is from their seat, to minimise their wait times. 

Vendors can engage directly with fans using their mobiles in the stadium through location-based push notifications. The platform offers a means of leveraging the customers location to send push notifications to fans about special offers to boost food, beverage and merchandise sales.


Every university student and staff member has felt the pain of stumbling through unfamiliar buildings trying to find their classrooms for the semester or their exam venue. NGIS have experience in building campus wayfinding solutions, however, MapsIndoors offer an additional layer of support through their indoor navigation in the building. A digital wayfinding solution enables staff and students to seamlessly transition from campus wide to in-building navigation.

Universities can easily update the solution without programming experience and can stay proactive in helping students navigate security points, medical services and accessible entry points to improve their university experience.


Most people find visiting a hospital quite a daunting experience, and 9 times out of 10 end up having to ask a member of staff for directions. Feeling lost stresses patients and visitors and having to show people around takes away valuable time from hospital staff. 

With MapsIndoors you can offer patients, visitors, and staff an in-app indoor wayfinding solution to improve their experience, and also help hospital management optimise the use of resources.

Watch the MapsPeople webinar "Covid-19 emergency health wayfinding planning and implementation" to learn more about using MapsIndoors for your hospital. 

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Travellers are often feeling stressed when waiting in long queues or discover a last minute gate change. The MapsIndoors platform helps airports alleviate these challenges by providing optimised routing to help travellers get to their gates quickly or send push notifications about gate changes.

When the stress of travelling is reduced, travellers can spend time browsing stores and dining. Airports are able to utilise passenger behaviour information to decide where to advertise, modify store rental pricing and improve the traveller’s overall airport experience.

Podcast: Digital experience enhancement with indoor mapping

Traditionally, maps have been used as an outdoor navigation tool to help guide you from point A to B. MapsPeople have changed the game by enabling people to have outdoor through to indoor navigation. But what about security concerns? How do we implement this in our organisation? How are other industries using this technology? We've got you covered in this episode of #LocationMatters with guest speakers, Liveli's General Manager, Oliver Looker and MapsPeople's Regional Sales Manager, Christian M├╝ggler.

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As a MapsPeople partner, Liveli can help provide the knowledge and support to help you build a fit-for-purpose mapping solution. If you’re interested in how the partnership of MapsPeople and Liveli can help you, get in touch with our team today.

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