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Let maps guide your tourism campaigns

Maps can communicate information about everything a destination has to offer quickly and at your visitor’s fingertips, from the point of arrival to the time of departure. 

Understanding why visitors are travelling, what they’re visiting while they’re in town and what they’re spending money on is also invaluable information for tourism and travel agencies. 

With location technology, agencies can now better understand their audience, amplify the visitor experience and unlock all the beauty a destination has to offer.

Drive decision-making for tourism campaigns

Tourism and travel agencies are already collecting huge amounts of location-based data, however understanding what campaigns are effective and how to target certain demographics is crucial to making informed decisions. 

We provide travel and tourism agencies with  the ability to combine data streams, such as sociodemographics, telco data, Mastercard data and points of interest information. This information can be used to:

  • Analyse and identify trends and clusters on the fly
  • Understand the behaviour and mobility of tourists
  • Aid in decision-making around the city. 

Further, pairing data streams with Google Analytics data can help agencies understand all touchpoints for customers when making purchase decisions or buying experiences. 

Watch our short Travel and Tourism video below which highlights some of the insights you can gain through location data.

Watch our webinar with Data Runs Deep and Red Balloon to explore the wide range of insights you can receive from performing spatial data analysis on your Google Analytics location data.

Watch the full webinar here

Improve the game day experience for visitors

Sporting events can bring in thousands of visitors to a city for short periods of time. They expect an easy way to explore the city, find food outlets and get to the venue via different modes of transport. 

Visitors can now benefit from a seamless experience by navigating from outdoors to indoors and directly to their stadium seat. This tool embeds into your existing app or website and enables local companies and outlets to send push-notifications to passers-by and showcases the best deals the area has to offer.

A local guide at your fingertips

Tourism agencies are going digital as visitors steer clear of the local information centres wall of pamphlets and paper maps. Rather, they are relying on their mobile phone to unlock destination information quickly and on-the-go.

With Google Maps extensive Points of Interest database, as well as  the new ‘Local Context’ feature and multi-modal transport options, tourists can find local cafes, restaurants, bars and shops  within their surroundings and navigate there at the click of a button. By streamlining the tourist journey with maps, agencies can reduce traveller stress and improve the overall holiday experience for visitors.

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