Improve patient experience


Why Liveli has the best digital mapping and indoor wayfinding solution for hospitals

Patients and visitors journeys are significantly improved when they make use of the Liveli and MapsPeople’s digital mapping and indoor wayfinding solution which helps them find the quickest and most efficient route to and through the hospital.

Indoor wayfinding plays an important role in enhancing user experience, as hospitals typically have confusing physical signage, multiple floors, different departments and numerous buildings. All these elements can result in unnecessary stress to visitors, especially in emergency situations. 

Our solution is built on Google Maps making it highly familiar and accurate. It is easy to use, tailor-made to suit your needs and can be integrated with existing hospital systems to create a seamless patient experience

Improve Patient Experience

Liveli’s indoor mapping solution helps patients and visitors navigate hospital facilities more easily and with less stress. 

With clear and concise directions, our solution helps patients and visitors find their way around the hospital with ease, making their experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Users can find important hospital services such as check-in desks, waiting areas, elevators and bathrooms, providing them with an enhanced overall experience.

Furthermore, we understand that everyone is different and our unique brains process information and interact with our environment in often very different ways. Our solution provides accessibility and neurodiversity options to provide features for those users with physical and/or cognitive learning differences.

Increase operational efficiency

Our mapping solution provides hospitals with increased operational efficiency, streamlining operations in a number of ways. These include reducing staff time and effort to assist lost visitors requiring directions. A wayfinding solution can free up hospital staff to focus on other important tasks, such as patient care and administrative duties.

In addition patients can avoid getting lost, therefore reducing the number of late and missed appointments. Furthermore, hospitals are able to activate and maximise the utility and revenue of spaces in terms of cafes, shops and parking.



Customised solutions

Liveli’s indoor mapping solution is highly customisable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each hospital. Our solution can be integrated with existing hospital systems to provide a seamless patient experience. 

The solution comes with a comprehensive content management system (CMS) enabling the hospital to control their digital content in real-time. The CMS provides the ability to open or close areas and link to other hospital systems such as booking, parking, SMS, transactional platform and augmented reality to name a few.

Make location intelligence part of your Hospital wayfinding

Improve patient experience with our location technology. Hospitals can provide accurate and up-to-date wayfinding information that can help patients and visitors navigate their facility more easily. This can improve overall experiences and reduce stress and anxiety.

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