Communicate the purchase journey with location technology



Whether it is a store locator on your website, a tracking app that shows consumers where their delivery is, or knowing when to send a push notification with a discount code to your consumer when their physical location is in close proximity to your store - location has changed the way retailers operate. 
Your customers expect you to communicate each step of the purchase journey to them and maps are a great way of doing that. 

Maps help retailers plan more efficiently

Retailers use location intelligence to understand where they should open new stores, the demographics surrounding their stores and to track visitors entering the neighbourhoods they operate from. 

Through current and regularly updated data, geofencing, quick response demographic analysis and gravity modelling, retailers have the information they need to make decisions and increase sales opportunities quickly. 

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Optimisation of delivery and supply-chain operations

The retail business has many moving parts, both figuratively and literally. Knowing where your delivery trucks are, how long it is taking for your customers goods to arrive and ensuring your drivers take the best possible route helps your business run more efficiently. 

Ensuring that your customer knows the delivery information you know and as you have it to hand maintains transparency and trust. 

Ensure your e-commerce is up to scratch

A potential customer entering their delivery address is a critical phase of the e-commerce checkout process. Unvalidated addresses can result in costly failed deliveries while overly complex entry systems can lead to higher cart abandonment rates

The most effective way to validate and improve address entry accuracy is utilising type-ahead functionality provided by maps. In the same sense, Ensuring accurate delivery charges are communicated to the customer at the right point in the purchase process is also crucial to reducing abandonment rates.

Accurate delivery costs can be determined and displayed to the customer using the power of mapping.

Enhance retail accessibility

For individuals with accessibility issues, shopping centres can pose a complex environment with numerous challenges. These can include sensory overload caused by bright lights, excess noise, crowds, and music, as well as a lack of clear indoor wayfinding solutions for those
with vision impairments.

As a result, these customers often miss out on an enjoyable shopping experience and the shopping centre misses out on engaging with these customers.

NGIS, Liveli and its partner MapsPeople can offer location mapping and wayfinding solutions to empower individuals with accessibility issues, so that they can navigate indoor spaces with ease and confidence and enjoy the shopping experience.

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Make location intelligence a part of your retail journey

Sure, maps are super useful for you and the client - but what about all of the data that returns back to you? How do you use that to improve and make better business decisions? 
Using scalable Google Cloud technology, you can process, query and visualise your data to create a powerful business tool that can benefit many teams and guide how and when to spend your company dollars in the right places.

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