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Transport and logistics

Location technology drives high-performing networks

We get it, sometimes things don’t run on time, sometimes life gets in the way of making deliveries to your customer or a train leaves the platform 40 minutes too late. Maps can alleviate these issues in addition to providing your business with a quick response tool for when issues arise. Your maps can quickly become a powerful communication medium with customers or commuters. 

Transport and logistics are arguably the industry that relies on location data the most. It is used to optimise operational performance, reduce costs and drive high-performing transport networks. So it is crucial that your location data is visualised appropriately.


Getting from A to B is made more simple with mapping technology. Businesses can ensure their driver is taking the most optimal route to their destination and the best part is that you have the power to track their progress. 

Using live traffic data, mapping applications can change the drivers route based on the current traffic conditions.

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Fleet tracking keeps management informed

By using maps to ensure routes are the least congested, road works are avoided and drivers meet their desired delivery times and the transport and logistics industry benefits from a higher customer satisfaction rate. 

Through the power of location intelligence delivery, waste disposal and healthcare visit teams are more efficient, well informed and able to get more out of their working day. 

Supply chain design

The scope and variability of supply chain activities means that anybody who is in business to make a profit needs to understand the immense value of location data in driving costs down. 

Whether it's freight management, warehousing or distribution management - Location Intelligence can trigger a step change in your operation.


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