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Transfrom your city with smart location technology

Cities and governments are leveraging location intelligence to improve the way they run their cities when it comes to urban planning, traffic management and tourism campaigns. Imagine if you could harness the insights from telco data to track how many visitors your city or town has through geofencing? Or using mapping technology and live traffic information to reroute citizens when accidents happen or when there is a road closure? 

The benefit of location intelligence for cities and government cannot be argued, how could your city, town or municipality be leveraging location technology?


Has there been a major accident on the freeway? Perhaps you have an event taking place and need to close roads around the venue? Or maybe you have scheduled maintenance work on your train network? Maps are a powerful communication tool with the community. 

Mobile-first mapping applications can ease the frustration of your community when they are navigating from point A to B. Depending on the mode of transport, you can recommend that members of your community take a different way to their destination. These apps are useful, practical and simple and help make any city journey a breeze.


Cities all over the world are striving to be smarter and more efficient in an effort to improve the quality of urban life. The advancement of technology in cities has seen a surge in the amount of data collected and intelligence that can be derived from the data.

Cities are now deploying technology, such as IoT sensors on bins and parking bays, to detect activity and manage assets more effectively.

For example, bin sensors alert local councils when to empty the bin if it is detected as full or urban planners can provide a rationale for extra parking spaces where they can see congestion in certain areas.

The massive amounts of data can be quickly analysed with Maps and Cloud in order for organisations to react and make useful decisions.


Location data is crucial in planning more efficient and sustainable cities. Spatially analysing mobility and citizen behaviour with internal and external data is crucial in order for urban planners to succeed in shaping the future of their cities with data-driven decision making.

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