Podcast: Location Matters

Podcast: Location Matters

Location Matters is a podcast produced by our partner, NGIS. The podcast is devoted to the map and to the GIS industry. Liveli has featured on a number of episodes to discuss everything from mapping product technologies, to industry trends and best practices. Our aim is to give you something interesting to talk about in the office or to spark some interest in how a map could help you make informed decisions. 


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This is the final episode of season two of Location Matters AND the last episode for 2020. What a rollercoaster of a year we've had and i'm so proud of how far this podcast has come. In this week's episode, we have some powerhouses in the geospatial industry, Chad Jennings, the Product Manager for BigQuery, Google's Cloud-based Enterprise Data Warehouse; Matt Forrest, the Director of Spatial Data Science at CARTO; Dion Fleming, the CARTO team lead and Customer Engineer at Liveli and Sarah Butler, NGIS Marketing Manager and a great podcast host. Today we dive in to Google Cloud's focus on next generation spatial infrastructure, looking at the new CARTO BigQuery Tiler API and CARTO BigQuery connector, as well as what the roadmap looks like for BigQuery Geovisualisation in the future.

BigQuery sandbox - https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/data-analytics/query-without-a-credit-card-introducing-bigquery-sandbox
Getting started with SQL in CARTO - https://carto.com/help/tutorials/getting-started-with-sql-in-carto/
Twitter search for #BigQueryGIS - https://twitter.com/search?q=%23bigqueryGIS&src=typed_query
Transform, store and analyse your GIS data with FME and BigQuery - https://newsroom.ngis.com.au/transform-store-and-analyse-your-gis-data-with-fme-and-bigquery
CARTO Spatial Data Science Conferene #SDSC20 - https://spatial-data-science-conference.com/ 
Chad Jennings Twitter - https://twitter.com/cwj02

On today's Location Matters episode, we're joined by Filip Eldic, the Co-Founder of the innovative geofencing platform, Bluedot, and Senior Account Manager at Liveli, Dion Fleming. We find out what geofencing is, how the likes of McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts are using this technology in current campaigns and we debate the co-existence of location data and privacy with the likes of the Netflix documentary, Social Dilemma, so topical at the moment.

Bluedot - https://bluedot.io/
Privacy Declaration - https://bluedot.io/privacy-declaration/
What is geofencing? - https://bluedot.io/what-is-geofencing/ and https://medium.com/@fujisanmarketing/geofencing-what-is-it-and-how-is-it-used-1b2754499316

On this week's episode of Location Matters we dive into the world of location intelligence in marketing with Marketing Manager (and usual podcast host), Sarah Butler and CARTO team lead at Liveli, Dion Fleming. We discuss how marketers are using location intelligence platforms and spatial data to help glean insights into buying behaviour of their customers and, in particular, look into a webinar Liveli recently hosted, alongside Google Cloud partner, Data Runs Deep and experiential gift company, Red Balloon. In this episode we go a bit deeper into the sorts of data marketers collect, how this can be supplemented with third party data streams, how we can ingest the data into Google BigQuery and then visualise this information using CARTO. We also look at how this location data can dictate where we allocate advertising spend and how, in a world of Covid-19, we can use this information to make business decisions.

Liveli - https://liveli.com.au/
Webinar: Understand your product demand: Your Google Analytics data visualised with CARTO and BigQuery - https://content.liveli.com.au/drdcartowebinar
CARTO 5 Newsletter - https://go.carto.com/subscribe-to-the-carto-5
Blog: Google Analytics spatial data visualised with BigQuery - https://newsroom.liveli.com.au/google-analytics-spatial-data-visualized-with-bigquery

Businesses across Australia and New Zealand are now opening their offices back up to staff and employees. Our team here in Western Australia are especially grateful to be moving back into the office in our teams however, for many parts of Australia, this is the start of introducing staff back to the office. MapsIndoors Lite, a product created by the MapsPeople team, was built to give businesses the opportunity to map out a safe plan of action through their indoor navigation platform that takes into account where people are moving and sitting, alerting people to safe distancing measures and removing areas of foot traffic congestion. Listen to our latest Location Matters episode featuring Oliver Looker, General Manager of our technology partner, Liveli and Christian Muggler from the indoor mapping team, MapsPeople.

On the Location Matters podcast, we cover all topics geospatial, whether that's new technologies, partnerships or inspiring people in the industry. If you want to be updated on when the latest Location Matters podcast episodes come out - please hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts, 'follow' on Spotify or Stitcher.

MapsPeople - https://www.mapspeople.com/
Liveli - https://liveli.com.au/
MapsIndoors Lite - https://blog.mapspeople.com/mapsindoors-lite-guiding-you-back

We've had CARTO's Marketing Manager, Florence Broderick on the Location Matters podcast before and what a pleasure it was to chat to Florence again. The CARTO team has adapted to the pandemic rapidly with the launch of CARTO Grants, giving access to the CARTO platform to help people fight and contain COVID-19. In this episode of Location Matters, Florence covers some of the incredible and inspiring use cases that have come out of the CARTO Grants and we can't wait to share them with you.

CARTO Grants - https://carto.com/covid-19
CARTO 5 newsletter - https://go.carto.com/subscribe-to-the-carto-5
CARTO blog - https://carto.com/blog/ 
Webinar: Understand your product demand: Combining Google Analytics data with CARTO - https://content.liveli.com.au/drdcartowebinar
CARTO Master Reseller in Australia - https://liveli.com.au/Our-Technology/Carto 


Traditionally, maps have been used as an outdoor navigation tool to help guide you from point A to B. MapsPeople have changed the game by enabling people to have outdoor through to indoor navigation. But what about security concerns? How do we implement this in our organisation? How are other industries using this technology? We've got you covered in today's episode with guest speakers, Liveli's General Manager, Oliver Looker and MapsPeople's Regional Sales Manager, Christian M├╝ggler.

MapsPeople website - https://www.mapspeople.com/
Whitehouse demo - demo.mapsindoors.com › demo
Liveli MapsPeople page - https://liveli.com.au/Our-Technology/MapsPeople


Mapping is one opportunity to tell a story, however, with the data collected by social groups, community services, environmental groups and government agencies, there are many more opportunities to interpret data and visualise this for non-technical audiences and users. In this episode we're joined by Mel Flanagan, Founder of Nook Studios, a community of story-tellers and Dion Fleming, Liveli’s Senior Account Manager with a background in GIS, to discuss how stories can be imparted across different mediums.

Nook Studios - http://nookstudios.com/
Open Government partnership - https://ogpau.pmc.gov.au/
Common Ground - http://nookstudios.com/the-making-of-common-ground
Plastic Free July - https://liveli.com.au/Our-Work/Mapping-with-social-conscience
Coastal Risk - https://eodatascience.com/Our-Work/Coastal-Risk-Australia
Global Forest Watch - https://www.globalforestwatch.org/map
CARTO - https://carto.com/


One of the most common misconceptions in the world of location intelligence and geographic information systems is that you need to be an expert to use the tools of the trade. CARTO have enabled non-geospatial users to benefit from location intelligence in their day-to-day business operations. In this episode of Location Matters we're joined by Florence Broderick, Vice President of Marketing at CARTO and Dion Fleming, Liveli's Senior Account Manager. We'll be looking into the evolving partnership of Liveli and CARTO and the benefits that come with having local support, as well as covering the latest news from the Spatial Data Science Conference.

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Liveli's CARTO technology page - https://liveli.com.au/Our-Technology/Carto
Free two week trial - https://carto.com/signup/
Location data streams page - https://carto.com/platform/location-data-streams/


Location information enables the ridesharing industry to accurately quote customers based on driving time and distance, track drivers and most importantly maintain the driver and passenger's safety. In this episode of Location Matters we're joined by JD Veldsman, the founder of Perth ridesharing company, Shofer and Oliver Looker, General Manager of Google Premier Partner, Liveli. We'll be covering the regulatory and technological challenges that ride sharing companies have been faced with over the past five years, as well as improving the sustainability of ride sharing in the future.

Shofer - https://shofer.com.au/
Shofer on iOS - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/shofer/id1059186308
Shofer on Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shoferapp&hl=en_AU 


Providing strong customer service is at the forefront of NGIS and Liveli. In this episode of Location Matters we announce the launch of Liveli with guest speakers, NGIS and Liveli's Marketing Manager, Sarah Butler and Liveli's General Manager, Oliver Looker. We'll be covering who is Liveli, what this new company means for our Google Maps Platform, Google Cloud Platform and CARTO customers and the opportunities Liveli has moving forwards.

Hazelman Creative - https://hazelmancreative.com.au/

MapsPeople podcast

Listen to our General Manager, Oliver Looker, on MapsPeople’s podcast 'MapsShack'! He discusses how digital maps are shaking up the tourism industry, the impacts of COVID-19 in Australia, and more. Listen to the full episode here.


Location Matters is hosted by Sarah Butler, who is regularly joined by Managing Director Paul Farrell. The podcast is produced by Jaimee Nobbs.

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