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Maps can do more than simply return a property search result

People in the market for a property expect to be able to sort, filter and display results that match their needs on a map. For renters and buyers, maps help users understand at a glance where their most suitably matched properties are to the amenities they care about, such as; a property’s proximity to the gym, major streets, beaches, shopping centres and more. 

Not only do your users expect to see their results displayed on a map, but they also benefit from the option of seeing additional information about properties outlined on the screen that they perhaps hadn’t considered, like property boundaries, water and sewage services data. 

How could you be displaying new information on your real estate maps? Let us show you. 

Overlay complementary property information to enhance user experience

Despite attracting consistently high web traffic, REIWA recognised the need to compete with the large commercial property websites within the marketplace and set out to evolve their user experience through easier navigation and new features. REIWA saw this as an opportunity to use maps as a vehicle to communicate complex information to users and help their users make more informed, easier property decisions.

Read how Liveli recommended Google Maps as the ideal platform for REIWA’s new interactive web mapping application. 

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Investment analysis and modelling

Thinking about expanding your real estate portfolio to include a new apartment building in an upcoming neighbourhood? 

With location intelligence, you can decide where to expand, set up and relocate by visualising commercial and residential property locations. By using a both CARTO and Google Maps, you can see insights like population density and economic output on a map - adding credibility and power your biggest portfolio decisions.

Liveli has proven that they can add value, if we want to do something more complex with maps, we know we can consult them


Adam Tohivitis, head of development,

Pricing Optimisation

By using spatial analytics to optimise rent rates and house prices, you can measure the market’s temperature and deliver actionable insights for your day-to-day business. You can analyse your trends on a map using internal and external data and predict the next big opportunity for your organisation.

So if you’re advising a client selling their house about the market rate in their neighbourhood or looking to increase rent in another area, using maps and integrating data sources - you can use a map to justify your decisions quickly. 


Indoor Mapping

Indoor mapping can answer crucial commercial and operational questions with actionable insights for your site - and the best part? You don’t need expensive proprietary hardware to do it. The ability to map indoors can improve customer experience, boost operational efficiency and accelerate revenue by answering important commercial and operational questions with actionable insights for properties. 

Imagine if you could map all of the foot traffic within your display homes? Depending on the room that people linger in for the longest, you could switch the website listing photo to the busiest room in your display home to attract more customers. This is just one idea, the possibilities are endless. 

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