2 April, 2020

What can Liveli offer as a Google Maps Premier Partner?

In this current global emergency, several organisations are undergoing a period of change and uncertainty. It’s even more important now for businesses relying on Google Maps, whether that’s for store locators, address validation, delivery tracking or directions from Point A to Point B, to understand what cost is attributed to each API.

Businesses can choose to transact directly through Google as a vendor or unlock a number of benefits by working with a Google Maps Premier Partner. 

And the benefits? As a Premier Partner, Liveli can help you optimise your code, take advantage of partner discounts and help visualise your data in a meaningful way via a personalised billing dashboard.

Reduce inefficiencies in your code
Google makes frequent feature and API updates to help improve the user experience,  therefore, it’s important to ensure your coding is efficient to keep up with the changes. 

Liveli has a dedicated and certified team of consultants and developers. The team is well versed in identifying areas for code optimisation to reduce company spend and ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. 

The Liveli team run one-on-one optimisation workshops that help businesses:

  • Dive into the client use case(s) and application overview
  • Code deep dive by a Liveli Google Maps Certified developer
  • Provide preliminary recommendations
  • Hand over of a final recommendations report

Volume discount tiers
Billing on the Google Maps Platform is based on the number of API calls requested within your project(s) during a one month period. A request is a call to any of the API keys, for example loading a static Google Map onto your webpage will request one Static Map API every time you load that page on your website. 

As a Premier Partner, Liveli has access to partner volume discount tiers for users with large monthly call volumes. Businesses are able to access up to six discount tiers higher than what is available for a company working with Google directly as the vendor. Enabling these discount tiers will help lower and plateau your monthly spend, keeping a cap on costs, even while your business scales.

Onground support 
The Liveli team has offices in Sydney and Perth. This means the team is just a phone call, email or in-person visit away for any operational or technical support across Australia and New Zealand.

Flexible support and payment schedules 
Liveli offers flexible payment schedules and support packages tailored to your procurement needs. Whether you’re a government department that procures annually or a start-up looking to improve cash flow and hold technical support hours, Liveli can provide different support and payment schedules to best suit your teams’ needs.

Personalised billing dashboards
The Liveli team has created a personalised billing dashboard to help you gain an overview of all of your projects and the spend broken down by time period and API all in one easily shareable view. 

For large organisations, stakeholders who monitor Google Maps usage may wish to limit the number of users who have access to this information. With multiple projects spanning across different departments, the Liveli billing dashboard saves time and effort logging in and out of each project to understand spend and usage.

Want to get started with Liveli?

To help ease and manage any financial burden for businesses during this difficult time, Liveli is offering free billing dashboards and code optimisation workshops to organisations who are affected by high API call volumes as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Liveli is a Google Cloud Premier Partner with a specialisation in location-based services. Our team can help you with licensing, support and implementation of the Google Maps Platform. The Liveli team can also help your organisation build bespoke mapping applications through our capability partner, NGIS Australia.

Do you have a project you would like to discuss? Get in touch for a chat. 


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