1 September, 2020

Optimising delivery and distribution with Dista

Building a delivery management system is time-consuming and expensive for businesses. Often teams end up working across numerous platforms to manage the delivery process from the point of sale, to dispatch, managing assets and resources, through to the point of delivery. 

Dista, born out of the global information technology (IT) consultancy, MediaAgility, is a location intelligence platform that combines the familiar functionality of Google Maps, with the scalability of Google Cloud, to offer a cloud-based field force management platform.

The Dista platform offers a range of enhancements to help businesses optimise their business operations out of one centralised, ready-built platform. 

The platform covers aspects of delivery such as dynamic routing and address verification, while also taking into account service-level agreements (SLAs) with clients, feedback, payments and more, making it easy for businesses to adopt and implement an optimised delivery and distribution solution. 

Let’s look at three key features available in the Dista platform...

Ready-built platform


For startups or businesses with limited developers and resources, the Dista platform comes configured with a range of ready-built modules such as:

Dynamic routing: Avoid congestion and road blocks to aid your drivers in reaching their destination on time and cover more ground.

Address validation: Save customers time and the business money through validating the customer addresses at the point of sale.

Direct alerts: Give your customers and drivers up-to-date and accurate updates on a job.

Optimised scheduling and dispatch: Ensure the right drivers are put on the right job based on criteria bespoke to a business

These modules are configured to meet the needs of the business, saving development time in the building phase of an application, as well as saving time and resources by optimising the everyday business operations.

Customer to meet business needs

Each business is unique and with Dista, users can ‘choose their own adventure’ with a number of plugins in the platform, enabling a seamless integration with third party tools.

The Dista platform seamlessly integrates with a number of other commercial systems from order management to ticketing tools and customer relationship management softwares. This means a business can operate their order system and seamlessly allocate drivers based on travel time information and available drivers around a region, all in one central platform.

The Dista platform interface can also be customised to display a businesses’ branding and style, ensuring the platform remains consistent with other business assets.


Powered by Google Maps and built on the secure Google Cloud Platform, the Dista platform is easy to navigate around and scales to meet business needs.

Users are already familiar with the Google Maps interface and functionality, from accurate and dynamic routing to an easy-to-maneuver map, and this is no different when a customer interacts with the Dista platform. 

Businesses can also manage and scale to meet the delivery demand ebbs and flows, from dispatch to delivery and even, returns. The agile platform offers scalable storage and processing capabilities with a pricing model that adapts to meet the demands of a business.

Want to find out more about how the Dista platform can work for your business? 

Liveli is a Google Cloud Premier Partner that can offer the support and scoping of the Dista platform into your businesses technology stack.

Liveli hosted a webinar alongside Dista and Google Maps Platform that shows a demonstration of how the Dista platform works. You can watch the webinar here: https://content.liveli.com.au/liveli-and-dista-webinar 

If you want to find out more about how you could be using the Dista platform to manage your field force assets, get in touch with the Liveli team.

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