19 August, 2019

Travel experience improved with Google Maps transit updates

When we talk about user experience, we imagine how a user might navigate through an app on their smartphone, or the path they may take when trawling through a website. However, when you are responsible for providing a service requiring people to go through a set of steps to get from A to B, we find ourselves delving into a new user experience where reality and technology meet. 

For transport planners timing is everything, whether it is keeping trains and buses on time, providing time tables or travel updates via an app. However, the impact of time on the commuter is as important as the ease they have navigating through a transport app or website. 

Finding the most efficient route to work or knowing when to avoid certain modes of transport can make the difference between a good day and a bad day for travellers. 

The good news is that Google is taking the pain away from transport planners when it comes to communicating live transit information. And if you use Google Maps already in your transport apps, this is yet another additional perk for keeping your commuters in the loop. 



Google Maps Transit Updates - The Key Features 

Live traffic delays for buses

Transit schedules don’t always reflect the real-time traffic conditions that impact your commuters ride. However, Google Maps now has the ability to display the live traffic delays for buses in areas where they don’t have the real-time information direct from local transit agencies. 

This features shows commuters if the bus will be late, the length of the delay and display more accurate travel times based on the live traffic conditions on the journey.

Crowdedness Predictions

Nobody likes being side-to-side with their fellow commuters on a particularly hot day. Thankfully now, Google Maps can show users how crowded their bus, train or tram will be based on previous ride data. 

The importance of commuter experience - Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Our client, the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, needed to improve wayfinding and customer experience, particularly around planned road closures and locating other points of interest in and around Sydney Olympic Park. Customers needed a way to plan their journey with a user-friendly map.

Liveli developed a cross-platform and device-compatible web and mobile application built on Google Maps. This interactive app gave users information on road closures based on dates, allowing customers to plan their journey by clicking on a calendar date and viewing all the planned road closures. 

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