Google Maps Platform risks for developers

 how developers can prepare for the changes to the Google Maps Platform

The release of the Google Maps Platform has opened up developers to reputational risk. As customers see their Google Maps applications stop working and unexpected bills start to   arrive, they will ask their developer why their product has stopped working and why it now costs more.

 Developers may have noticed these changes starting to come into effect already, so it's crucial to understand the changes taking place and know what they have to prepare for. 

In this webinar NGIS Google Maps Platform team lead Adam Mullett and Head of Sales for Google Maps, South East Asia at Google Cloud Nicola Dalmazzo will explain how the Google Maps Platform is structured and how this will affect your monthly billing to customers.

If you have not watched the previous webinars, which explained the basics of the Google Maps Platform and budgeting, you will receive these links at the same time and it is recommended you watch both.

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