Google Analytics data visualised with CARTO and BigQuery

Understand your product demand: Your Google Analytics data visualised with CARTO and BigQuery

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Google Analytics  is a core component of any marketing team’s decision making process. It answers several questions about sources of traffic to your website, tracking your paid Ad campaigns and the purchase behaviour of your buyers. 

Despite the wonderful insights you can glean using Google Analytics - the location data attached to each prospect's activity is generally underutilised.

However, by using location intelligence technology in combination with Google Cloud BigQuery, you can analyse the actions a customer takes on your website and  visualise where they were when they made that decision and how their location influences their buying patterns. 

Liveli, in conjunction with Data Runs Deep and Red Balloon will host the webinar “Understand your product demand: Your Google Analytics data visualised with CARTO and BigQuery”. The webinar will explore the wide range of insights you can receive from performing spatial data analysis on your Google Analytics data. 

The webinar will show a demo of Red Balloon’s Google Analytics data as it is ingested into BigQuery and visualised in CARTO, helping you answer the following questions about your customers:

  • Where is our product demand coming from and in what categories? 
  • How can I see cart abandonment rates by user location?
  • How can I see the geographic spread of the customers who visit my site, versus customers who actually make a purchase? 

In addition to this, the webinar will cover: 

  • The current state of location data within GA360, how to find it and use it to your competitive advantage
  • The CARTO and Google BigQuery connector: a great tool for any businesses using GA360 and want to perform spatial queries on large datasets
  • How to bring third party data to supplement your existing GA data
  • How to get started using CARTO, Google BigQuery and GA360

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Dion Fleming

Dion Fleming 
CARTO Consultant


Ash Rane - Global Director - Cloud & Martech - XPON Technologies Group  (ASX:XPN) | LinkedIn

Ash Rane 
Principal Analytics Consultant
Data Runs Deep


Mark Grace

Mark Grace
Head of Business Intelligence
The Big Red Group


We look forward to seeing you on the webinar!

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