Indoor navigation enhancing the event industry

Megatix Australia is a company founded in Western Australia, with presence in New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Megatix has bridged the gap between the historically inflexible solutions available to ticketing and event companies by putting the control of an event back into the hands of organisers themselves—providing an agile, customisable and flexible app experience.

Static paper maps have formerly ruled the landscape of large outdoor events, and Megatix wanted to challenge the way event attendees interact with wayfinding at prominent community events in 2021. Their client, the Perth Royal Show, also expressed the desire to step into the digital space, be more customer-centric and adaptive in a world of accelerating change. Working alongside Perth Royal Show, Megatix explored the market for a digital mapping solution to add value to their app. They engaged Liveli, a MapsIndoors partner, in May 2021 to start this journey. 

Paper maps are a thing of the past

Megatix, in conjunction with the Perth Royal Show, acknowledged that the costs associated with printing paper maps were expensive and didn’t allow for map changes at late notice. Moreover, they needed a digital map to provide the ability to manage COVID-19 contact tracing, crowd capacity management and monitoring of certain areas at the event, while also allowing event patrons to navigate from outdoor to indoor areas with ease.

“We wanted Perth Royal Show patrons to be able to identify a place on the event map and be given directions to get there. For example, a patron may wish to withdraw cash. We wanted them to be able to search for an ATM on the map, select the nearest one, and with one click be provided directions to get there,” said Roshan Odhavji, Co-Founder of Megatix. 

An event map that allows indoor and outdoor navigation

As a MapsPeople partner, Liveli provided support and training to Megatix as they worked alongside MapsPeople to integrate MapsIndoors, an indoor mapping solution, to their event app. Hosted on Google Maps Platform, the map enabled event patrons to seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor points of interest at the 2021 Perth Royal Show. Patrons at the show could use the map within the Megatix app to locate a point of interest, providing event visitors with an in-depth understanding of where show features were located and the indicative time and distance to reach their destination.

The interactive map provided patrons with clearer and more meaningful information about the various exhibitors at the Show, compared to traditional paper maps which generally only represent exhibitors using two-dimensional coloured square blocks and a reference table as a legend. 

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We couldn’t find another provider who had a fully formed solution for indoor mapping, it was attractive to us to find a ready made solution that we could easily integrate and plug in our own data

- Roshan Odhavji, Co-Founder, Megatix

Ongoing support for future events

Liveli continues to provide Megatix with access to MapsPeople’s indoor wayfinding capability, Google Maps Platform support and licensing, and a dedicated support and training team to assist with their integration.

By partnering with Liveli, a Google Maps Platform Premier Partner, Megatix also benefits from leveraging Google Maps Volume Tier Discounts. The discounts activate when demand to access maps at an event increases, ensuring Megatix are getting the best value as map access scales up or down. 

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