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Data Runs Deep is a Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform Partner servicing industries including retail, headquartered out of Melbourne, with offices in Sydney and Hobart. Data Runs Deep assists its clients with the structure and implementation of Google Analytics in their business - most importantly, giving companies the ability to quickly churn through large amounts of customer behaviour data in order to make fast business decisions. 

Through the optimisation of Google Analytics capabilities, Data Runs Deep’s clients can focus their efforts on the acquisition, retention and conversion of their customers based on their behaviour during an online shopping experience. 

Google Maps complements online shopping through easy-to-navigate store locators and visualising the nearest store to a users house for click and collect orders. Moreover, the Google Maps Places Autocomplete functionality saves user time inputting their home address during  the checkout process and reduces human error by validating their addresses for deliveries. To the average shopper, this may only seem like a few seconds saved - but to retailers, three in four customers abandon their shopping carts and long check out processes can cost retail businesses thousands of dollars every year. 

Data Runs Deep noticed the influence of Google Maps in shaping the retail user experience and engaged Liveli with a view to add value for their clients.

“Liveli made the process of moving under a Google Maps partner seamless.”

- Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Director of Cloud Services at Data Runs Deep.

Data Runs Deep are now able to provide:




Decrease in shopping cart abandonment rates

Monthly price savings

A wider range of customer support options

Two Google Partners join forces

Google Cloud Partners have different specialisations for the many Google products available. Data Runs Deep initially engaged Liveli, a longstanding Google Maps Premier Partner, to assist one of their customers in operating their store locators and address lookups at scale, while also working to ensure that new project owners were able to closely monitor their company Maps usage going forward. 

The collaboration between Data Runs Deep, their client and Liveli saw store locators and address lookups setup for scale. In addition to this, the client was able to access Liveli’s advantageous partner volume discounts to significantly reduce their average monthly spend. 

As more clients came forward with similar issues to their first client, Data Runs Deep and Liveli formed a strong partnership, working together to optimise the retail user experience.


"If you look at Google Cloud's offerings, there are over 200 products - no partner can possibly cover them all without becoming a ‘master of none’. So we seek to form partnerships with those who are experts in what we don't do.” 

- Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Director of Cloud Services at Data Runs Deep.

Maximising Google Maps value with optimisation workshops

One of Data Runs Deep’s clients contacted them in mid-2019 with a new challenge. They were  experiencing volatile monthly usage and found it difficult to budget for their monthly Google Maps bill. Data Runs Deep recommended that their client undergo one of Liveli’s Google Maps optimisation sessions.

Liveli’s developers conducted the optimisation workshop in partnership with the client’s development team where they shared their knowledge on: 

  • How to set up and organise their project structure for monitoring purposes
  • Review the cost benefit for the client associated with each API on their website
  • Identify inefficiencies in how Google Maps was being used and make recommendations, with the aim to minimise the client’s monthly Google Maps bill.

The client saw a 20% decrease in their monthly billing in the month following their optimisation session, saving the company thousands of dollars.

“I see the setting up of Google Maps as similar to what we do with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. It’s free and easy to get started with, but in reality it’s not easy to set it up the right way and the best way.”

- Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Director of Cloud Services at Data Runs Deep.

A client-focused first approach

Through their partnership with Liveli, Data Runs Deep can now provide partner discounts on Google Maps pricing and offer additional optimisation sessions to help reduce their client’s monthly Maps bill. 

Currently, several of Data Runs Deep’s clients are accessing Liveli’s Google Maps partner benefits and a wider range of support across both maps and cloud that wasn’t accessible under just one partner. 

Data Runs Deep is looking to expand their partnership offering with help from Liveli. They are keen to look at the option of integrating more location context into their customer behaviour data to further improve the customer online shopping experience.


“We're really excited to see what the future holds for Liveli and look forward to many years of collaborating together”

- Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Director of Cloud Services at Data Runs Deep.

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